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What We Offer.


Direct Hire Support.

When it’s time for direct hire, the ComServe Solutions team sources candidates, conducts interviews, and performs assessments. We work with your hiring managers to ensure placement of the right person for the right position. All of our applicants undergo a thorough screening and vetting process, so we present only top-quality candidates for your consideration.

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Sometimes good talent is scarce, but you may still need to build a permanent team. That’s when a qualified, direct hire candidate is often recommended. 


When you offer direct-hire positions to high-level talent, you demonstrate a commitment to their future. In a tight labor market, direct hire is a smart decision. 

ComServe Solutions’ direct-hire program rigorously screens prospective employees to ensure they possess both the skills and personality that each job demands. And we can help sell the benefits of your company to top-quality “passive candidates” who may currently be employed elsewhere.

We handle all advertising, resumes, and initial in-person interviews. Then we’ll work with your hiring manager to present your offer and negotiate appropriate compensation and benefits.

With our comprehensive staffing resources, expertise, and extensive pool of high-caliber candidates, we take the headache out of finding the perfect co-worker to add to your team! 

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