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Five Summer Jobs That Really Clean Up

Highest-Paying Summer Jobs


Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer.

If you’re a college student, teacher, or just in need of some extra cash, your summer plans likely include a temporary job. Here are some of the highest-paying occupations for summer workers.

Construction Worker

If you’re ready for some heavy-duty physical labor, a summer construction job may be just the ticket. Construction workers help build and repair all types of structures, using blueprints provided by the client.

They’re usually responsible for erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading building materials, removing debris, and operating heavy equipment to pour concrete and perform other tasks. They may also be called on to assist carpenters, electricians and other craftsmen.

Average Hourly Wage: $18.04


Tutoring jobs are custom-made for teachers on summer break, but they’re also ideal for college students seeking to keep their academic skills sharp and cushion their bank accounts in between semesters.

Tutors are usually hired through an agency, and are responsible for reviewing school assignments, discussing subject content, assisting with homework, and/or preparing students for standardized tests.

Tutors must be excellent communicators who have demonstrated expertise in the given subject matter.

Average Hourly Wage: $20.00

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative services to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location. Their responsibilities include managing the client's social media, calendars and appointments; answering emails; making travel arrangements; and maintaining online records.

This job requires the ability to handle multiple administrative projects with minimal supervision. Virtual assistants must also have access to a strong internet connection and proficiency in various digital communication tools, such as Zoom or Skype.

Average Hourly Wage: $21.77

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers may work remotely or onsite, through an agency or directly for a client, producing a variety of written content.

They must possess advanced writing skills and be able to utilize various style guides, depending on the client’s preference. They also must be able to properly conduct the research needed to develop an expertise on various topics.

The end result is professional-level content for blogs, articles, white papers, and other digital or hard copy publications.

Average Hourly Wage: $22.00 to $33.00, depending on location.

Event Planner

Event planners coordinate all logistics and services related to a given event: securing a location, catering, entertainment, decorations, lodging, etc., based on clients’ needs. They also must coordinate budget planning and ensure that the event remains within cost projections.

During the event, they must be available to manage the guest registry and organize the facility to ensure all A/V equipment remain operational, decorations are in place and catering services are satisfactory.

Average Hourly Wage: $25.00 to $30.00, depending upon experience and location.


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