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Industries Served.

At ComServe Solutions, we help organizations like yours with all their staffing needs. Just look at the range of industries and business sectors we serve.

No matter the industry, we foster both individual and professional growth in those around us, recruit and develop quality candidates, and add value to the companies we work with. By making that investment, we create profitable employment solutions for both employers and job seekers.

Accounting & Finance.

When you need to fill critical accounting and finance positions, time is money. The professionals at ComServe Solutions can help fill those slots quickly with exceptional and uniquely qualified candidates – without

sacrificing your bottom line.

Customer Service.

Customer service agents interface directly with your customers, so finding appropriate staff to fill those roles is vitally important. Do you have a call center in need of temporary placements, temp-to-hire or direct-hire staffing? ComServe Solutions can make sure you are staffed with telephone

agents who professionally represent your company.

Manufacturing, Production, Industrial.

Gaps in your production line can result in overworked staff and reduced employee morale. ComServe Solutions fills those gaps so your manufacturing facility can meet production demands, while ensuring an

an optimal amount of work for everyone.

Light Industrial, Warehouse, Logistics.

ComServe Solutions knows that your business depends on getting your products to customers quickly, efficiently, and economically. Whether it’s a seasonal team or year-round staff, we provide

quality candidates to fit your business model andget your products out the door.

Office Management & Administration.

ComServe Solutions offers a wide array of staffing options for administrative and clerical positions, as well as mid-level management, such as regional managers or vice presidents. We can even offer placement services for 

hard-to-fill executive-level positions.

Technical, Scientific, Medical Research.

When it comes to hiring staff to fill technical and scientific vacancies, we can access more of the hard-to-reach quality talent you are seeking. For job seekers, we offer the advantage of unbiased

negotiations for compensation and benefits.


Healthcare positions must be filled quickly with appropriately qualified medical staff, but many facilities have neither the time nor the resources to conduct a thorough search. ComServe Solutions’ rigorous screening and

assessment services help healthcare providers find the perfect fit right away.

Information Tech.

Jobs in information technology can be hard to fill. The ComServe Solutions professionals pre-screen candidates using technical assessments that verify skills and competencies on your behalf - saving time, money, as well as

administrative effort.

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