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Are You Afraid of Workplace Ghosting?

Time to Call the Ghostbusters?


Halloween is fast approaching and ghosting is on the rise.

No, not the kind that goes bump in the night. The kind where someone has chosen to fully disengage from you without explanation, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.

But it doesn’t take a dating app to get ghosted; the practice is increasingly occurring in the workplace. Here are some of its most common manifestations:

Job Seekers

You’re a recruiter who’s found a strong candidate for a position. You’re looking forward to the scheduled interview, but before it can happen, the job seeker bails with no explanation. Maybe he received a better offer. In any event, you’re ghosted.


You’re a job seeker who’s just landed a great job after a rigorous application process. You’ve asked the recruiter to send you the employment contract and any other necessary documents.

But you never hear back. You’ve been ghosted.

This happens even more often. A whopping 77% of respondents to the Indeed survey had been ghosted by a prospective employer since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. And 93% of respondents to a LinkedIn poll claim they’ve been ghosted by a recruiter at some point.

New Hires

You’re an employer who’s finally hired someone to fill a vacancy on your staff. Everything’s in place to welcome the new team member. But he or she never shows up for work. You’ve been ghosted.

This is happening more often, too. Twenty-five percent of employers report “no-shows” on what should’ve been a new hire’s first day. This type of ghosting is particularly prevalent among Generation Zers and millennials.


You’re a manager who enjoys a comfortable relationship with his team members – or so you think. Then one of your staff leaves for the day and is never heard from again. You’re ghosted.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago recently reported that many of its employees have simply stopped showing up for work, and cannot be contacted. This type of behavior appears to be on the rise everywhere, particularly in the construction and hospitality industries.

Who You Gonna Call?

At ComServe Solutions, we’re workplace ghostbusters.

Our recruiting team focuses on the success of both job seekers and employers. We provide job seekers with the details they need to know immediately if they’re truly interested. Then we work with them to ensure the employment opportunities offered are a good fit for both them and the employers.

Our goal is to make workplace ghosting a thing of the past.


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