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Vendor on Premesis.

Let ComServe Solutions coordinate all of your temporary workforce needs right on site. We can handle everything from recruitment and training to timekeeping, payroll and staff evaluations. As your vendor on premises, we’ll free up your time so you can focus on what you do best: operate your business.

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When ComServe Solutions is your vendor on premises (VOP) provider, we offer an on-site representative who integrates into your business in effect as an extension of your HR team. This allows your company to find higher-quality candidates without taxing your internal team. Our VOP services also offer a host of other benefits to ease recruitment woes.

  • ComServe Solutions’ VOP can help control, and even reduce, your labor and HR-related costs. As a single point-of-contact for administrative, onboarding, and payroll issues, we ensure smooth operations.

  • Our VOP offers on-site expertise to ensure optimal staffing levels for planned and unplanned contingent staffing. 

  • Our VOP services can scale your workforce to accommodate shifts in demand during peak and off seasons. And our robust technology helps to proactively anticipate your staffing needs.

  • As your VOP provider, we will continuously recruit for key positions and ensure a large pool of available talent by carefully screening and interviewing all candidates.

  • Working with ComServe Solutions’ VOP gives you access to customized reporting that helps optimize staff usage and keep you apprised of costs. And we’ll monitor employee performance, logging attendance and productivity data. If an employee issue should occur, the ComServe VOP will address the situation quickly, directly, and professionally by establishing clear expectations, by enforcing disciplinary action (when appropriate), and through job coaching.

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