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Jobs People Love

Discover Love and Passion — For Your Job


“Choose a job you love and

you will never have to work a day in your life.” -- Ancient Chinese Proverb

Do you love your job? Are you passionate for the trade you call your own? If not, it may be time for a career change. This Valentine’s Day, let’s look at some of the top careers that people love.

Construction Manager

Ahhhh…the dirt, the steel, the cranes, the hammers! What’s not to love? You punch out after a long hard day, knowing that what you leave behind (be it a hospital or a tool shed) just might stand for centuries.

Median Annual Salary: $98,890


Clergy work long hours for relatively little pay, and yet are very satisfied with their career choice. Perhaps it’s because they consider their occupation a “calling” that allows them to help people during life’s most intense moments.

Most clergy find fulfillment and meaning in their day-to-day tasks, regardless of religious affiliation.

Median annual salary: $55,190

Data Scientist

A recent survey found that more than 90% of data scientists are happy with their jobs, and nearly 50 percent say they are “thrilled.” Data scientists unlock the hidden meaning in data. They’re the human engine behind today's most critical technologies, such as including machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms and analytics.

Median Annual Salary: $100,910


Teaching is an art, and committed educators are passionate about their art. The opportunity to help form young minds is priceless to them and they can’t see themselves doing anything else.

Median Annual Salary: High school teacher $61,820 Middle school teacher $61,320 Elementary school teacher $61,350

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists treat patients with physical impediments caused by disability, injury or chronic health conditions. Their help improve or restore mobility, and reduce or manage pain so patients can resume normal activities. A recent PayScale survey found that 90% of physical therapists considered their jobs highly meaningful and satisfying.

Median annual salary: $95,620

Happy Valentine's Day from ComServe Solutions!


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